Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, punainen/keltainen

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RC-Factoryn ainutlaatuinen EPP DR1 Fokker kolmitaso niin sisälle kuin ulos lennätettäväksi. Tällä kertaa värityksessä hyvin erottuva punainen ja keltainen.
Paketissa mukana lennokin osat pientarvikkeineen. Ns. sähköt (moottori, potkuri, akku, laturi, nopeudensäädin, servot 4kpl) hankittava erikseen.
Wing Span 890 mm (35”)
Length 860 mm (34”)
AUW od 250 g (8.8 oz.)
Motor 60 - 120W
ESC 10 - 18A
Servo 4 x 6-9 g
Battery 450 3S, 600 2S
Propeller 8 x 4, 9 x 5

Suggested electronics:

DualSky ECO 2204C 1450KV 95 W

DualSky 12 A Lite ESC - DualSky 18 A ESC, V2 liittimillä

0520 mAh 20C 2s1p 7,4 v  (9x5) - 0400 mAh 35C 3s1p 11,1 v (8x4)

4 x   09g microservo - D561 Digital servo 6.5g


With a whole new set of flight characteristics the Crack Fokker is like no other model we have. Loops are beyond tight and roll rate is extremely axial and quick for the amount of wing area. The Fokker can be flown so slow it can fool someone into thinking it’s in slow motion! The fun doesn’t stop there, with dual aileron servos you can even add mixing for multiple flap settings to create different post stalls and even tighter loops then we have ever experience before. The Crack Fokker has impressed all our team members and also anyone that has flown it. The Crack Fokker has become our new favorite drug of choice and we are proud to share with all of you.

Paint and art work was inspired by one of the classic schemes keeping true to its roots with some major hidden performance just waiting to be unleashed. Like all RC Factory & Twisted Hobbys models quality is beyond questioning and building is a breeze with latest construction hardware that eliminating excess weight as well as removing any unwanted play from all the control surface connections.

Recommended stock setup is 2s 550mah GWS 9x5 setup  or extreme setup is 3s 450mah GWS 8x4. Enjoy the look of a classic Fokker Dr.1 with flight characteristics you have only dreamed of!


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