Tappisarana (15kpl) (40310)
Tappisarana (15kpl) (40310)

Tappisarana (15kpl) (40310)

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Robartin iso tappisarana, 15 kpl/pss

Pituus: n. 25 mm

Paksuus: 4.6mm

Kokonaispituus:  n. 67 mm

3/16" Super Hinge Points (15 pkg.)

For 1.20 to Giant Scale Models

Hinge Point Hinges are truly unique. Instead of trying to chisel a slot, as with ordinary hinges, simply drill a hole, add some glue and insert the hinge point. Simple, perfectly straight hinging can be done quickly. The hinges are available in three sizes 3/32", 1/8" & 3/16".

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