Multiplex Souffleur (45185)
Multiplex Souffleur (45185) Multiplex Souffleur (45185)

Multiplex Souffleur (45185)

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Multiplexin Itsenäinen äänisimulaattori telemetria datalle

The Souffleur is a stand-alone M-LINK telemetry receiver. It operates independently of the transmitter, and outputs telemetry data in speech form as well as Vario tones and warning messages. Using a PC confi guration process you can determine what, when and in which form the Souffleur is to generate information - for each model separately.

• High-quality earphone
• Variable volume
• Excellent sound quality for accurate reproduction of vario tones from gliders
• Languages: German and English (other languages in preparation)

Can be configured with complete freedom
• Optimised factory default settings make the unit ready for immediate use
• Selective speech output / announcements: very simple to set up using a PC, for complete freedom. A USB PC lead (UNI) # 8 5149 is required in order to use our freeware MULTIPLEX Launcher with five typical model telemetry configurations.
• Data announcements:
- Manual control (via transmitter control function)
- Time-controlled
- Alarm-controlled
- Threshold value-controlled

IOAT (Integrated Optimized Antenna Technology)
• New, fully integrated receive aerial with reception characteristics optimised for this application

• Elegant design
• Versatile mounting facilities:
- Shirt / jacket pocket
- Clip for fitting to transmitter neckstrap
- Can be hung round the neck on a lanyard
• Absence of cable connection to the transmitter for maximum freedom of movement

Modern LiFePO4 transmitter battery
• Long operating time: 14 hr
• Integral charger in the Souffleur
• Can be recharged from a PC using Mini-USB socket (included in the set)
• Optional:
- USB mains charger # 14 5534
- USB 12 V charger # 14 5553

Firmware can be updated
• Via PC / Internet update (MULTIPLEX Launcher) using USB PC lead (UNI) # 8 5149

Souffleur, earphone, LiFePO4 battery, Mini-USB charge lead Speech output for telemetry data


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