Varaterä #11 (5kpl) (20011)
Varaterä #11 (5kpl) (20011)

Varaterä #11 (5kpl) (20011)

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5 kpl kuvan mukaisia teriä suljettavassa putkilossa.
Sopii Excel-varsiin K1, K3, K17, K18, K30 ja K40. Myös Proedge varteen #1
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EXCEL #11 BLADESMost popular hobby knife blade, 100% Made in the USA from carbon steel with a fine point straight edge for trimming wood, plastic, paper, leather, and more with ultimate precision.

  • Versatile replacement blades fit all standard light to medium duty craft knives including Xacto Knife
  • Sharper than average blades, these double honed hobby blades have a strong tip and flex without breaking to keep their edge and tip longer, and are coated in a thin layer of oil for rust protection
  • Perfect tool for graphic artists, designers and arts and crafts applications – wood carving, scrapbooking, model kits, paper crafts and more
  • Includes a pack of (5) #11 double honed blades with 1.56 x 0.25 x 1.0 edge

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