Aircraft Logbook Cover
Aircraft Logbook Cover

Aircraft Logbook Cover

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Ilma-aluksen matkapäiväkirjan nahkakannet, joihin sopii paljon muitakin dokumentteja.
Koko 23 x 17,5 cm.

Kansio on n. 45 mm paksu. Tähän mahtuu esimerkiksi ilma-aluksen matkapäiväkirja sekä lisäksi lentopäiväkirja, luottokortit, medikaalit, lupakirja jne.

The eco-friendly leather cover has an adjustable lock and is of very high quality.

The interior has 6 removable plastic pockets for your pilot’s licence, radio operator’s certificate and other such documents.

This pilot logbook cases are also suitable for hardback logbooks. Four further pockets are provided for fuel cards, credit cards, etc. as well as an elastic pen holder.
Above the card pockets there is a compartment to store your receipts.

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