Biela 20 x 10 R-WR
Biela 20 x 10 R-WR

Biela 20 x 10 R-WR

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Laadukkaat Bielan potkurit. Väri: Punavalkoinen

The propellers are all hand made, based on carbon and fiberglass from the best quality of epoxy (French and German). To propellers that has more than 30" we add kevlar rowing. The hub of the propeller is made of hard wood. The propellers are light and very stiff. The basic colors of the propellers are white on the front, black on the backside, and  with red blade tips.


 All propellers are balanced!

 Normal propellers - max 8000 RPM

 Turbo propellers - max 10 000 RPM

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