Smoke Grey R/C Racing Car Spray Paint 150 ml (HN1102)
Smoke Grey R/C Racing Car Spray Paint 150 ml (HN1102)

Smoke Grey R/C Racing Car Spray Paint 150 ml (HN1102)

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Hobbynox maalit askarteluun ja harrastuksiin. Suunniteltu erityisesti lexan/polykarbonaatti koreille. Kestää useimpia nitropolttoaineita. Soveltuu myös EPP materiaaleille ja muille vastaaville materiaaleille. Ei suositella esim Depron, Styrox jne.

We're back on the Lexan® / Polycarbonate paint market - now with a series of 150 ml spray cans in the popular colors of today. Ready to use, quick drying, fuel resistant and light weight paint for racing.

Hobbynox™ R/C Racing Car paint have been specially developed for the painting Polycarbonate bodies. The special solvent used in it etches the surface, allowing the paint to bond permanently with the bodyshell.

  • Fuel resistant to most R/C car fuels
  • Big spray can - 150 ml
  • Extreme adhesion and very flexible
  • Dries fast
  • Special spray noozle for an even and smooth paint finish

Hobbynox™ Window Tint Smoke Color Tips:

  • The Smoke color is developed mainly for tinting transparent windows.
  • It's a transparent color that should be applied in thin layers so it remains transparent.
  • The more layers you add - the less transparent and darker it gets.
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