Hyper Cub kumimoottorilennokki KIT DPR-Models
Hyper Cub kumimoottorilennokki KIT DPR-Models

Hyper Cub kumimoottorilennokki KIT DPR-Models

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Hyper Cub kumimoottorilennokki

  • Vapaastilentävä kumimoottorilennokin rakennussarja
  • Kärkiväli 750mm
  • Pituus 600mm

 Paketissa mukana

  • Laserilla leikatut balsaosat
  • Balsarimat
  • Hiomapaperi
  • Tarrat
  • Päällystyspaperi
  • Laskutelineet
  • Muovipotkuri ja spineri
  • Kevyt vaihteisto potkurille
  • Kuminauha
  • 1:1 piirustukset
  • Rakennusohjeet (englanti)

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DPR Hyper Cub - Rubber-Band Powered Airplane Kit

This is an attractive, pseudo-scale, free-flight cabin airplane that offers an absorbing traditional build and exceptional flying characteristics.


  • Outstanding flying characteristics
  • Offers the full Stick n tissue build experience
  • Everything included except glue, clear dope and thinners
  • Accurate laser cut balsa parts help speed assembly
  • Includes lightweight triple accelerating gearbox
  • Realistic large-scale propeller
  • Banded wing system
  • Traditional lightweight tissue covering
  • Semi-scale light aircraft appearance
  • Can be converted to electric power and radio control


  • Wingspan: 750 mm
  • Length: 600 mm
  • Construction: Balsa & tissue
  • Power source: Geared Rubber-Band Motor

In the Box:

  • Laser-cut balsa parts set
  • Strip wood bundle for spars and longerons
  • Sandpaper square
  • Hyper Bird sticker set
  • Sheet of tissue paper for covering (2)
  • Wire undercariage
  • Plastic propeller and spinner
  • Lightweight gearbox
  • Rubber motor band
  • Pre-cut clear acetate for windscreen and cabin windows
  • Modelling clay nose weight
  • Full-size plan
  • Translucent acetate sheet to cover the plan
  • Instruction manual

Items Needed:

  • Glue (balsa cement, PVA wood glue or Cyano)
  • Dope for applying the tissue covering (or use water diluted PVA wood glue like Titebond Original Wood Glue)
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