Laukku Crosscountry
Laukku Crosscountry

Laukku Crosscountry

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Crosscountry on hybridi-laukku, johon on yhdistetty lentolaukku ja matkakassi. Joustavan mutta vahvan nylonlaukun sisällä on useita erillisiä taskuja ja tiloja, joita voidaan hyödyntää moneen eri tarkoitukseen. Mukana olkahihna.

The bag is made of high-quality lightweight nylon fibre, is fully padded and has a removable reinforced bottom. The main compartment can be divided up in various ways to suit your needs.

So that the pocket does not become dirty, small supports are placed on the underside.

On the front, an outside pocket with a two-way-zipper allows for quick access and another large compartment for cards, approach charts, flight plan, etc.

Inside, the pocket has a lot of compartments, a penholder and battery holder is also included.

On the back, two outside pockets, one for GPS, radios, flashlight, charts, etc. and one is extendable for headsets.

Also included is a comfortable strap, with a padded and a non-slip section.

With its compact measures, the Cross-country is the perfect companion for excursions through the country.

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