Talttaterä #17 (5kpl) (20017)
Talttaterä #17 (5kpl) (20017)

Talttaterä #17 (5kpl) (20017)

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Talttaterä #17, 5 kpl teriä suljettavassa putkilossa.


High quality classic #17 chisel blades, 100% Made in the USA with a 3/8 inch blade perfect for chiseling, shaving, cutting, trimming wood, plastic, rubber, wax and more with ultimate precision.

  • Versatile replacement blades fit with all standard light duty craft knives including Xacto Knife
  • Perfect tool for light chiseling, and shapping a range of different materials with a super sharp blade that allows you to make a more skillful cut than your traditional chisel blade 
  • Includes a pack of (5) of #17 small chisel blades with 1.5 x 0.25 x 0.37 inch edge
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