Li-Po Battery 6700 mAh 4S 14,8V 25C iD-liitin (Long) (2890X)
Li-Po Battery 6700 mAh 4S 14,8V 25C iD-liitin (Long) (2890X)

Li-Po Battery 6700 mAh 4S 14,8V 25C iD-liitin (Long) (2890X)

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  • Tyyppi: LiPo 
  • Jännite: 14,8V (4S)
  •  Kapasiteetti: 6700mAh
  • Purkuvirta: 167,5 A (25C) jatkuva, 50C hetkellinen
  • Teho: 
  • Leveys:  44 mm
  • Korkeus: 178 mm
  • Syvyys: 50,5 mm
  • Paino: 644 g
  • Liitin: Traxas iD

4S - 14.8 Volts 25C Sustained 50C Burst 3C Charge

Traxxas takes battery power for your X-Maxx to the next level with new 4-cell LiPo battery. The 6700mAh capacity and 50C burst discharge rate deliver the power, performance, and runtime worthy of the X-Maxx. Checking in at over 30-volts in 8s configuration, Traxxas 4-cell LiPos will stand X-Maxx on its wheelie bar and have it catching massive air as fast as you can grab the throttle. Built using the same sturdy construction methods as the Traxxas 2-cell and 3-cell batteries.

Traxxas 4-Cell LiPo Features:

  • ­Traxxas High-Current Connectors
  • Integrated LiPo Balance Charging Wires
  • Semi-Rigid Construction for efficient packaging
  • Oversized Discharge Tabs for minimum resistance
  • Hard-wired 12-gauge Maxx Cable soldered to cells
  • Center Wire Exit for guaranteed proper fitment


  • Battery: 4S 14.8V LiPo
  • Capacity: 6700 mAh
  • C-rating: 25
  • Charging: 1C / 6.7A (Max 3C / 20.1A)
  • Connector: Traxxas ID™
  • Size: 178 x 44 x 50.5 mm
  • Weight: 644 g

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