CR B60S Ampere Brushless
CR B60S Ampere Brushless

CR B60S Ampere Brushless

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Max. Current  60 A
Burst Current  380 A
Internal Resistance  0,0007 Ohm
For Use With  Cars or Trucks scale 1:10 |
Battery packs 2 - 3 LiPo cells
BEC Voltage  6,0 V
BEC Current  1,5 A
Motor Types  Sensorless Brushless motors
Protective Circuits  Temperature cut-off, Low voltage
 cut-off and input signal
Size  40,5 x 30 x 35 mm  (with fan)
Weight  32 g (without cable)
Programmable  10 Programming steps
 (Break, Low Voltage, Start Mode etc.)

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