Laukku Airliner
Laukku Airliner Laukku Airliner Laukku Airliner Laukku Airliner Laukku Airliner Laukku Airliner

Laukku Airliner

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Elegantti ja tyylikkäästi suunniteltu pilottilaukku, joka on valmistettu erittäin kestävästä komposiittimateriaalista. Laukku on vahva ja joustava ja suojaa erinomaisesti sisältöään.

Laukku on erittäin tukeva ja sen oma paino on suurempi kuin perinteisissä lentolaukuissa.

Laukussa on renkaat leveällä reunoissa, joten se pysyy hyvin pystyssä. Laukussa on lisätaskuja, jotka pystyy tarvittaessa irroittamaan ja kiinnittämään takaisin. Lisätaskuja voi käyttää myös omina erillisinä laukkuinaan.

Laukku sopii hyvin matkustavan ihmisen tarpeisiin.

This elegant and gracefully designed pilot case AIRLINER is made of strong recycled nylon fibre. The result is a light weight flexibility, paired with a high load-carrying capacity.
It was redesigned in cooperation with professionals and its new concept has been accordingly enhanced.

With its trolley handle (lockable in various positions) and the four high-quality wheels you can carry it effortlessly even over long distances.
The front case is the perfect organizer, all small items (pens, mobile, glasses, spare batteries, charging cables, ID cards etc.) can be stored and taken out easily. It can be locked by attaching an extra padlock through the eye of the zipper puller.    

There are two outer side pockets that can be used for storage, also penholders and a removable key holder. Above the left pocket there is a name plate, so that the pilot case can be identified and returned to its owner if lost.  

On the back you can find a fastening loop to carry the Airliner on top of another trolley. The main case can be secured with two combination locks. On the underside of the main lid there are elastic straps to store items such as cables, pens, batteries, torches etc.

In the large main compartment, there is a Velcro fixed laptop bag which can be taken out and fixed on the Airliner trolley so you have more storage space inside.

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