QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2
QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2 QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2 QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2 QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2 QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2

QuicRun 3650SD 10.5T G2

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Rating:10.5 T            
kV arvo:3600 kV            
Moottorin halkaisija:
36 mm            
Moottorin pituus:52,8 mm            
Akselin halkaisija:3,17 mm            
Paino:186 gram            
Enimmäisjännite:11,1 V            


Linear & Smooth ControlThe built-in Hall sensor non-adjustable end bell combined with a high precision and balanced rotor guarantees the user a smooth and linear power on demand.

Great Heat-dissipationThe silicon O-ring fitted between the end bell and stator helps to conduct inner heat to the unique motor case to maximize cooling for extreme cooling conditions.

Plug-and-PlayCustomized 3.5mm low impedance bullet connectors soldered to the motor wires guarantee "plug-and-play" and stable connections between the ESC and motor.

Re-buildable DesignThe end bell is easy to be removed for maintenance purposes and for the replacement of common wearing parts such as rotor and sensor module (Ex bearings).

Compatible (with QuicRun-10BL60-Sensored ESC)When pairing the QuicRun3650 G2 motor with the Hobbwing QuicRun-10BL60-Sensored ESC, the excellent match between ESC and motor will give you a very smooth and linear power band.


  • Scale: 1/10th
  • Brushed/Brushless: BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless: SD
  • Pole Count: 2
  • KV Rating: 3600
  • LiPo Cells: 2-3S
  • No-load Current(A): 2.8
  • O.D.(mm): 36(1.147in)
  • Length (mm): 52.8(2.079in)
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.17(0.125in)
  • Weight (g): 186(6.561oz)
  • Timing: Fixed                                                


1/10th, 1/12th On-road (Race or drift Touring cars, F1, M vehicles and etc.) & Off-road (Buggies/2WD SCTs & Trucks) STOCK/SPORT Calss Competitions (About Motors' T counts, please refer to rules regulated by race organizors), Beginners for practice, and Rock Crawlers (applicable to 21.5T,25.5Tmotors)

Motor Type:Brushless            
Rating:10.5 T
kV Value:3600 kV
Motor diameter:36 mm
Motor length:52,8 mm
Shaft Diameter:3,17 mm
Weight:186 gram      
Max voltage:11,1 V  

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