Vastanotin R324SBS 4CH T-FHSS
Vastanotin R324SBS 4CH T-FHSS Vastanotin R324SBS 4CH T-FHSS Vastanotin R324SBS 4CH T-FHSS

Vastanotin R324SBS 4CH T-FHSS

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T-FHSS-2.4GHz System Diversity antenna, S.BUS2, 4-Channel Futaba R324SBS Receiver for Cars & Boats

The R324SBS is the updated/new version that replaces the R304SB receiver.

The differences compared to R304SB:

  • Diversity Antenna
  • Gold plated connectors

Telemetry system:

  • With the telemetry system, the running status can be displayed at the transmitter. The telemetry data can be checked at the transmitter by connecting the telemetry sensor sold separately to the S.BUS2 connector of the R324SBS receiver.
  • Normal mode/High Speed mode
  • The "Normal mode" accepts any type of servos or the peripheral. The "High Speed mode" only accepts the digital servos, including BLS series, and most peripheral equipments such as the brushless ESCs. Please pay special attention to the information contained within this manual and transmitter's manual in order to have a pleasant running experience.
  • Diversity antenna equipment

Note: The R324SBS is compatible with the T-FHSS system transmitters. The receiver type setting of the transmitter is set in T-FHSS.

R324SBS Specifications:

  • System: T-FHSS - At Normal/High speed mode (auto detection)
  • S.BUS2
  • 4-channels
  • Power requirement Operating voltage: 3.7V-7.4V
  • F/S and Battery F/S function: It is set according to the transmitter used
  • Battery F/S voltage: Set it with the transmitter arbitrarily
  • Size: 35.1 x 23.2 x 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 8.3 g
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