Latausjohto TRX / XT-60 (B9665)
Latausjohto TRX / XT-60 (B9665)

Latausjohto TRX / XT-60 (B9665)

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Latausjohto latureihin joissa XT-60 ulostulo.

  • Akkuliitin TRX (Traxxas)
  • Laturiliitin XT-60
  • Johto AWG 14
  • Pituus 500mm


DynoMAX B9665 - TRX Charge Lead for Chargers with XT60 Output

This is a charging lead for batteries with a TRX connector. It fits the latest SkyRC chargers that are eqipped with a XT60 male output/charging connector.


  • Battery Connector: TRX
  • Charger Connector: XT60
  • Wires: 14AWG
  • Length: 500mm
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